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 Post subject: Apocity (working title)
PostPosted: Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:04 pm 
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Hey y'all. I did a bit of binge-gaming, specifically the Fallout series. I got inspired to write up a little story, though this is by no means the finished product. Consider it... a sneak peak, I guess.
Warning: Some Adult Language used

“Damn it’s cold! One thing they never tell you is how cold it’ll be when you get here. Sure, they tell you, but words ain’t shit compared to life.”

“Shut it, you oaf!” Sean was sick of his moaning. Day in and day out, he complained. It had been twelve days since they’d picked up Mike, and that’s eleven days more than Sean could stand. Supposedly, they should have made it to the city by now. Odds were that Domiquia had misjudged the map, and if that were the case, all three of them would be screwed.
“Dom, I thought you was good with these old maps. We was meant to be wif ‘em day before last!” Mike was getting bold.

“Hey, you try it. Half these landmarks ain’t even ‘round anymore.” She was right, of course. All the maps they’d scavenged were from before the cataclysmic event known as “The End”. No one had bothered to redraw the landscape surrounding the city.

Sean looked back at his two unlikely comrades. Mike was short and skinny, with only just enough muscle to survive. He had long, greasy black hair and a poorly trimmed beard. His shirt was white at some point, but by now it had worn out into a tone of beige.

Domiquia was as tall as Mike was short. She had the darkest skin Sean had ever seen, with jet-black hair in tight curls. She wore an unbuttoned leather vest with nothing underneath. Decency, it seemed, had died with the rest of culture.

A lot of people these days looked like that. Without a large agricultural base, society starved. It was said that before all this “end o’ the fuckin’ world crap,” as Mike so delicately put it, the country was the fattest country. Sean didn’t know how to read, but he’d head the place referred to as “Yooeseh”. Dom told him it was spelled “U-S-A”, but Sean didn’t trust her on that.

Come to think of it, Sean didn’t trust much of anyone. He was only traveling with the two of them out of necessity; Domiquia knew the area better than most, and Mike had a gun. He never shot it though; bullets were hard to come by. All three could fistfight, but that was expected of them. Out here in the wastes, you never know when someone values your goods more than you. Sean ran a sort of trade route out of the city, exchanging scraps and such for food. It wasn’t easy, but someone had to do it.

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