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 Post subject: BF Factions - The Wolf Pack
PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2012 4:58 pm 
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For the past couple of weeks I have been brainstorming ideas for my newest faction/clan - The Wolf Pack. The time frame is going to be somewhere around the 2090s (like 75 years from now) when we are just approaching the age of heavily armored suits, and expansive space age weapon technology. To this point fictional weapons like the Power Blade (Energy Sword) and advanced blasters are just coming into the picture, rolling off the production lines. The Wolf Pack, an advanced independent military crew, fights for not what is on this earth, but for the galaxies. All The Wolf Pack soldiers originate from planet Earth, but are later drafted by Wolf Pack spies and then sent by transport to their home galaxy Snowzar. This is where the main headquarters and testing stations are, and where basic training is held for Earth trainees. If passed basic training (which is extremely difficult) they then will be given their Wolf Pack seal armor and basic weapons, as well as earn the title of Wolf Pack basic ground troop. If you fail the training, you are sent back to earth via a small pod (similar to an escape pod) with a set location to land somewhere back on Earth.

Planet Snowzar Planet Snowzar, a planet frozen at the edge of existence, was discovered by a NASA satellite in 2032. The first NASA space crew landed the planet in 2043, where they and their equipment disappeared. Legend has it that the members of The Wolf Pack shot down the crew, in fear of hostiles. On the return of the NASA crew in 2055, the Wolf Pack investigated the crew, and held them hostage. Finally, after much discussions, they were let free, and planet Earth was marked as an ally. The crew was sent back to Earth in escape pods on 2057. The mystery is where the first Wolf Pack members came from. Nobody knows if they were undercover government soldiers, or perhaps even aliens. The Wolf Pack stood and protected the planet Snowzar for 2 more years, but on 2059 a massive alien war broke out. The whole planet Snowzar was wiped, and all its life killed. The planet was then forgot about for several years. It wasn't until 2063, when NASA returned to Snowzar. Finding the planet in complete ruins, and ancient alien artifacts everywhere, they returned with many samples. After finding evidence, they quickly learned that there was a war between the Wolf Pack and a distant unidentified alien army. As allies, the president of the US swore to find the lifeforms who wiped their allies. The US sent hundreds special ops soldiers from Area 51 to guard the planet, and replenish life. The US quickly formed an army, and a recruitment system discussed above. Now, a flourishing planet, with an army of over 50 thousand, was ready to find the alien army who destroyed them long ago. The year is now 2089.

The War The war between The Wolf Pack and the Qutar aliens was declared on 2090, when The Wolf Pack discovered a nearby planet (3 lightyears away) called Quazzi. When first explored, they had a minor fight, which the Wolf Pack easily won. After investigating the homefront, they quickly discovered the long lost history between The Wolf Pack and the Qutar aliens. They learned about their past, and about the wars of long ago. After finding this information, The Wolf Pack declared war on Qutar. The battle rages on both Planet Snowzar and Quazzi.

I will be editing this post with more information as I come up with more information and stories, so stay tuned. Also, feel free to PM me ideas or custom minifigures you have made that you want to be a part of either The Wolf Pack or Qutar aliens. :) The only requirements for Wolf Pack soldiers is the Silver Wolf armor set by BF. Everything else is up to you!

Let be be finale of seem, seems to me.

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