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PostPosted: Wed Dec 08, 2010 4:42 pm 
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Good suggestion! I'll make a discuss 4109 topic.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 08, 2010 6:04 pm 
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Awesome! I very much liked that second chapter. B)

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 4:34 pm 
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The next one is just as excitin' as the one before! ;9

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 09, 2010 7:16 pm 
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Here ya' go!

Chapter 3 Onslaught

Dave was now leading a group of infantry in close to engage the enemy's turrets, which where causing major havoc among the American's lines. Dave spied on the turrets through binoculars. The turrets where guarded by another breed of alien as well as Kalians. They were called Urgants. Heavily built and muscular these aliens carried pikes and energy blasters. The platoon crept forward. There were only 200ft from the enemy, 100ft, Dave started to sweat, 50, The inside of his helmet was moist now, 20, 10. A shot split the silence gunfire was every where. Urgants were falling to the slowly increasing American lead. The Urgants charged the humans. A soldier fell. The rest of the men took cover and returned with a hail of bullets.
Bodies of both sides littered the battlefield. Dave saw a enemy fire team move up around the American's flank.

"Fire team on the right!" He shouted. Private Howard Johnson stood up and fired two rounds into each aliens chest.

"Hmm, a promotion for Johnson I think," Dave took out a notebook and wrote, "Corporal Johnson" in it.

Dave felt an unbearable pain in his left shoulder,

"AAARRRGGHH!!" A medic ran up and inspected Dave's shoulder. "It was a energy sting, it should heal."
"It hurts like the Dickens!"
"Sit still sir, I'm going to fix your arm."
"What is your name and rank man?"
"Corporal Ron Hill sir. Now bite down on this, that's it..."

Dave bit down hard on the piece of leather that was thrust into his mouth. The pain that followed almost made Dave faint. But Hill worked quickly, he looked up triumphantly was the little projectile in his hand, "Interestin' little thing isn't it?"

"No I hate it, if you are going to keep that piece of alien rubbish keep it out of my sight."

"Yes sir."
Hill pocketed the sting and rubbed a soothing cream into Dave's shoulder, "This should help with the pain, just sit still for a while Captain and rest."

Dave sat back and picked up his notebook and wrote, "Sergeant Ronald Hill"

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2010 4:42 pm 
Hammer Ace
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Chapter 4 Alien retreat

The attack on the turrets was going well, thanks to Captain Dave and his men. Dave had requested another hundred men to continue the assault, and they had just arrived with tanks and Sprinters. “This’ll be enough men ta’ finish the job!” Rob said happily. He rubbed his hands together in glee, “Lets see them Kalies deal wi’ dis!”
“Don’t be so sure, these Saturnians don’t give up easily.” Dave replied as he waited for a medic to finish healing his shoulder. The medic stood up, saluted, and walked off. Dave swung his arm around and around again, “Good as new.” he thought. He inspected the fresh troops, he saw that many of them had new armor, “Rookies,” Dave thought, “They expect me to fight the Aliens with rookies?”
“Well they’re pretty good if’n I says myself.” Rob replied surveying the recruits. “They ‘ave spirit.”
“But still, spirit only doesn’t win a war.”
“Too true sir, but it’ll improve their morale considerably.”
Dave shook his head and signaled for a Sprinter to pick him up. As the Sprinter pulled up Dave said, “Rob, you are the most stubborn fellow I know.”
“Well sir, persistent is my middle name.”
Dave rolled his eyes, got into the Sprinter and it drove away, leaving Rob laughing and smiling.

“Sir, the aliens are pulling out of our range. Shall we pursue them?” Dave was listening to reports on the battles progress, and a Sergeant had just walked in telling of the alien’s retreat. “Sir?” The soldier asked again.
“No, they want us to think they’re retreating, so to pull us in and spring the trap.” Dave finished and scanned another report into his handheld computer. “Tell all units to stand down unless the enemy comes within their range.”
The soldier saluted and walked out. Dave turned over a plan in his head, “Yes it could work, risky but it just might work.” He smiled and radioed General Steven Wallingford.

Great minds think alike, average minds experience coincidences.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 25, 2010 9:54 pm 
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This is really good khopesh97!

You're slowly building momentum and gaining fighting experience and some character in site as you go. Very Nice.
I like the mix of alien type items, and I especially like the comment back at the beginning ...

When they were younger almost everyone in the American army thought aliens were thin little men with big heads who said "We come in peace" How wrong they were.

Nice, keep it up!

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 26, 2010 9:55 am 
Mould Mason
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This is really getting intense. Nice job khopesh!

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 Post subject: Re: 4109 A.D.
PostPosted: Sun Dec 26, 2010 5:13 pm 
Hammer Ace
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But I posted the entire story so far on the Disc. topic. But here, the whole thing, from chap.5 on. More updated than the last one.

Chapter 5 Risks

“What?!? Are you crazy Captain? This plan is suicide!”
Dave and General Wallingford were inside a small tent discussing Dave’s plan. “I know it’s risky but it is our only shot at winning this fight.”
The General sat back in his chair and replied, “Well, if it’s the only plan you got, I guess we’ll have to stick with it.” Dave smiled and said, “As you wish sir.”

The third battalion was marching parade style down the street, giving the aliens a show of arms. The Sprinters behind the infantry and tanks behind them, the sight was most impressive. Dave looked around and said to himself, “We’re doing our job, I hope Jake and rob are doing theirs.” Dave saw that the Kalians and Urgants were grabbing their weapons and running towards them, shouting in their own language, “Probably cursing us.” Dave thought. He then shouted, “All units fire at will!” The Americans opened fire, and the infantry darted out of the vehicles way. The Sprinters lurched forward, going at speeds of one hundred miles per hour. The Aliens tried to run but were cut down by lead. As the Destroyers moved in for a better line of fire Dave led the infantry in among the tanks to support them. The battle was in full swing now, no side giving way, no side surrendering, “It’s gonna be a long day.” Dave thought as an explosion rocked the battlefield. Dave saw a Destroyer blow a Slayer out of the sky. It plummeted downwards into the alien’s lines. Dave spotted a soldier who was fighting two Kalians at once. The soldier’s helmet went flying, revealing a green dyed mohawk hairdo. The soldier punched one, and kicked the other. But the one he’d left hooked got up and shot wildly. One shot connected, and the soldier cried out in pain. Dave spotted a deep gash where the energy sting grazed his cheek. The Kalians left him for dead, but Dave did not. He ran up and draped the soldier’s limp arm over his shoulder, and carried him away.
The recently promoted Sergeant Ronald Hill ran up and tended to the soldier. The man presently opened his eyes and said, “Did I get ‘em?”
“I’m afraid you missed.”
The soldier leaned his head back and sighed. Dave asked, “What’s your name?”
“Corporal Dick Farrell sir,”
“Well Dick Ferrell, I have a new nick-name for you, your new name is Scratch.”
The name Scratch did describe Dicks wound well, for the sting had left a long gash up the side of his face. Dave saw Hill rub the soothing cream into Scratch’s wound. Scratch sat up and thanked Ron. Then he got up and grabbed his rifle. “Let’s do this!” He shouted, and charged right back into the battle.
“That kid’s got spunk.”
Dave said out loud.
Hill answered,
“I just hope recklessness doesn’t come from it.”

Dave nodded and took a sip of water from his canteen. He saw a Sprinter blow into a million fragments sending the driver and gunner flying. Dave cocked his Sacoya and followed Scratch.

Chapter 6 Order code 55-5

Dave and Scratch were in the same spot, pelting a Kalian fire team with everything they had. Then Scratch shouted over the noise,
“I’m gonna give ‘em a baseball!”
Baseball was the slang term for a round grenade. Dave nodded and gave the signal to take cover, to all surrounding troops. Scratch pulled the pin of the grenade out with his teeth, and lobbed it over the Kalian’s barrier. Dave heard clunking, and a bang. He looked over their cover, he saw the remains of the fire team scattered about. Scratch immediately found another Kalian position, which had been gunning down Americans for a while now. He snuck behind the fire team and waited for them to see him. A Kalian turned around and babbled something in it’s own language. Scratch smiled and pointed his gun…

Dave saw flashes and heard bullets ricocheting all over the place. “That’s the end of that fire team.” He thought. Dave spotted Scratch reloading his gun. The Corporal looked his way and waved. Dave was about to run over and scold Scratch for being so hotheaded, when he saw a huge Kalian marching towards them, “WHAT IS THAT?!” Dave shouted. The Kalian stood about ten feet tall, and it carried a huge energy blade, “RUUUUN!!!” a soldier shouted. Scratch grabbed the soldier and said, “Wait.” The soldier cowered behind a piece of rubble.

Scratch looked at the Kalian as if it was an annoying bug. Dave shouted, “GET OUT OF THERE!” Scratch paid no heed to Dave but took aim and squeezed of a shot at the towering warrior. The Kalian reeled backwards, hit in the eye. It stood for a moment before collapsing on top of a parked Slayer.

“What the heck were you thinking?! Dave roared.
“Sorry, I just saw I had a good shot at his eye, so I took the opportunity.” Scratch apologized.

“Still, that was crazy, and if you don’t mind I have a call to make.”
Dave entered a special frequency into his radio and a holographic image of Rob appeared,
“What do ya’ want Cap’n?”
“I need you and your men to execute Order 55-5, A.S.A.P.!”
Rob nodded and said, “It will be done Sa’.”
The display clicked off, “I love technology.” Dave thought. “Now all we have to do is wait.”

To wait meant to hold position until Order 55-5 was initiated, and holding position meant pushing off large-scale attacks from the Saturnians. “Bah, these alien types are so persistent.” Dave said out loud.
Ron answered, “Well they probably are more scared of their boss than us. So they attack us in fear that their leader will punish them.”
“Makes sense,” Dave said shrugging. A Destroyer exploded, sending pieces of metal and steel everywhere. Dave ducked and shouted, “Where are Rob and Jake?!”
Dave was about to lose his composure when he heard the sounds of distant artillery, and saw Kalian machines exploding.

The soldiers behind Dave gave whoops of joy, and Dave smiled, “They did it, they did it!” some soldiers chanted.

Dave got up from his position behind a broken Sprinter and shouted, “CHAAARGE!” the other men followed Dave shouting battle cries, and letting round after round of lead pour into the enemy. Dave watched the T7-X5 roll onto the battlefield. It was the Americans newest battle vehicle. With a huge cannon attached to the turret, and treads large enough to crush a Slayer in a second. The tank plowed through an Urgant defense cannon, a Slayer tried to escape the hulking machine, in vain.

Dave and his troops did not even need to charge very far, the Saturnian’s were already running for the outskirts of New York City. Dave ran up to the T7-X5 and waved to Rob, who was sitting in the gunner’s seat. Rob jumped down,
“We showed those Kalies alright Cap’n, didja see ‘em run? Twas a pretty ting I tell ya.”
“Sure was Rob, never seen aliens run so fast.”
“Well I would run if’n I saw this baby comin’ toward me.”

Dave smiled, “True, it is a grand thing to see.” Dave looked at the T7-X5 more closely, It was larger up close than thought to be from a distance, the treads being as tall as Dave himself standing up. Dave crawled under the T7-X5 and climbed through a hole on the bottom of the tank, meant for the pilot to escape from.
“This thing is bigger on the inside than it looks!” came Dave’s voice from inside the T7-X5.
“I can stand up comfortably in it!”
Rob climbed up into the turret and slid down to the cabin,
“How is she Cap’n?”
“Better than I imagined, look at how well it handles!”

Dave twisted the steering rod to the left and the T7-X5 responded immediately, “Imagine that two thousand years ago we drove things like Abrams, hah! This would make the Bradley look like a kitten in comparison!”
“Told ye she was a beauty Cap’n, loverly as a butterfly. And a lot stronger too!”

Dave looked at Rob, “A butterfly?” Rob shrugged, “Ah well, so what does it matter?”
“Cause it sounds kinda funny. This huge tank, an insect?” Rob shrugged again.

Dave felt the wind change direction, it was November, and he saw a few flakes of snow, drift slowly down to the ground, “Hmm early snow, we should finish up here and get back to base.” Dave said turning the T7-X5 to face north, the way the Saturnian’s were running, and gunned the engines in pursuit of the fleeing enemy.

Chapter 7 Early snow flurry?

Dave looked out the window of his office; the snow was falling heavier than it was a few hours ago. Dave turned and sat down in his expensive leather chair, “This chair is probably worth less than a pound of food nowadays.” Dave thought, as he sipped his expensive coffee.
Food had been scarce ever since the Saturnian’s attacked the earth. Farmers now believed the old “Alien in the cornfield story” and refused to grow crops for they thought it would block their view of any alien landings on their property. And since the proper crops weren’t being grown a lot of meat animals died. The result: less food for the humans.

“The state the government’s in today doesn’t help anything either, “Save the animals, feed the animals, blast it all.”
Dave thought. He took another sip of expensive coffee.

“The government can take their blasted food laws to hell’s gate before I’ll listen to them.”

Dave put down his coffee and sighed,
“The general public is hardly getting enough food to survive, and what does the government say? Feed the darned animals.”

Dave rolled his eyes,
“The government is an animal itself, the way they treat their fellow humans.” Dave thought.
The clock chimed 5:30.
Dave got up and stretched his legs. He grabbed his coffee mug and walked out of the room.
Dave headed for the barracks. He knew Jake had asked him to be there at around 5:45, so there was no reason to get there early. He opened the door to the outside and stepped back, an icy wind blew through the door.
He took his coat of its hook and made a beeline for the barracks. The snow had covered the ground in a thin layer of white. Dave left boot-prints every time his foot hit the ground.

Dave reached the barracks door and knocked three times. Dave waited on the doorstep, shuffling his feet to keep warm. A timid-looking private opened the door,
“Can I help you sir?”
Dave nodded and replied,
“Yes you can! Let me in with all haste, it is freezing out here!”

The private saluted and stepped aside. Dave stepped in, and he wiped his boots on the doormat. “At ease.” Dave said to the soldier, who was still saluting. The soldier’s arm relaxed, and he went off, whistling to himself. Dave took his coat off and headed for Rob’s room.

“Come on in Cap’n. Jake’s not ‘ere yet so just make yerself at ‘ome.” Dave thanked Rob and sat down on a straight backed wooden chair, “So what time is it Rob, it was around five thirty when I left my office. It seemed to take forever to get here.” Rob poured some tea into two mugs,
“I’m guessin’ it’s around five forty now. We don’t got a clock in each room ye’ see, only in the hall. So a body has to go out into the hall and look for hi’self.”

Rob sat down and handed Dave a mug, they sipped their tea in silence. Then there came a knock at the door. Rob sprang up and said, “That’ll be Jake.” Rob opened the door and Jake stumbled in, he immediately started to talk in rushed sentences, “We’re supposed to get outside an’ help put the cars ‘n tanks away. The snow is at least 2ft deep!” Dave jumped out of his seat, “You can’t be serious! That’s insane, it wasn’t 2in. when I got here.”
“Well it is now,” Dave rushed into the hall, ran to the door and opened it. The snow was swirling in fury now, making it hard to see anything. Dave saw the pinpricks of light, which he knew were trucks and other machines. Shouts ran in the air, Dave could distinguish some phrases being roared,

“Move that Sprinter into hanger A15, pronto!”
“Come on’, steady, steady,”
“Watch your bumper!”

Rob and Jake were standing behind Dave now, looking in amazement at the 2ft of snow that had built up in a couple of minutes. Dave grabbed his parka and rushed outside, Rob and Jake following. Dave jumped into a spare Sprinter and jammed the key into the ignition, the machine started then died,
“Dag-nabit! Stupid weather. The cold is too much for the truck. Now I’ll have to push.”

Dave jumped out of the Sprinter and pushed, it did no good. Dave grunted in frustration, then he pushed harder than he ever had before in his life. Rob and Jake ran up and pushed as well. The Sprinter moved and inch before getting stuck in the snow. Dave swore, and climbed into the drivers seat. He started the Sprinter again, it stayed on this time, he gunned the engine, Rob and Jake pushed, and the Sprinter lurched forward. Dave, Rob, and Jake cheered,
“Yee-hah! Let’s get the rest of these trucks inside before the snow buries us all!”

It took over an hour to get half of the vehicles into the hangers. The other machines were covered with at least a foot of snow each.

“How are we gonna get all these trucks inside before the snow breaks our backs?” Rob shouted to no one in particular.
Dave got up from wedging a Half-track’s front tire out of a snowdrift, “Who knows Rob, we just have to keep goin’, and see what happens.”

The trucks were almost inside when a call came in from an outpost. The soldiers stationed there had seen Saturnian activity in their sector. Then General Wallingford called to tell Dave he must take out the aliens for good.

“You need to eliminate those Saturnian’s for good Dave! Take some strike-ships after the storm clears up and destroy them! I’ll send other vehicles behind you.”

Dave nodded, “It will be done Sir.”

Dave turned off his holo-radio and looked upwards,

“The storm’s lettin’ up, that means its show time.”

Chapter 8 Paratrooper landing

Dave found himself briefing his men onboard a Falcon strike-ship thirty minutes later. He had one knee on the ground, a holo-map on the ground in front of him. A 3d image of Times Square was what he was pointing at,

“Alright, we are going to jump here, right under where they used to drop the big apple from.
Then we’re gonna’ strike hard there, the aliens camp. They have tanks, Slayers, and other fighter machines, giving them an advantage. But speed and surprise is on our side. We also have a Falcon with a Sprinter onboard, and some tanks comin’ later.
So, lets get to it!”

Dave watched his men prep their weapons,

“Jump in 2 minutes.” came over the loud speaker Dave grabbed a jetpack off the Falcon’s wall and strapped it on.
“Jump in 1 minute.” Dave walked to the edge of the open jump door.
“Jump in 30 seconds. Everyone readied himself for the fall.
“This is your pilot, we are circling over target zone, please make your jump now.”

Dave launched himself up and away from the Falcon. He was free falling now, Dave looked to his right and saw Jake was right behind him. Dave saw the ground was getting close and activated his jetpack. A spurt of flame came from the jetpack, slowing his fall to a crawl speed. Just before Dave landed the alien sentries had spotted them, and they were now firing on the shock troopers that were advancing on them. Dave’s feet touched earth. He took off for the alien camp immediately. As he approached a building that made up the Saturnian’s HQ he heard the rumble of an engine, which meant the Sprinter was on the ground.
Dave kicked down the door and ran in. His men followed.

Dave knew the Aliens posted guards, so they snuck as best they could along the hallways and up the stairs. Then the crossfire started. Kalians and Urgants so numerous in amount, they could have been coming up from the floor.

Dave unloaded a whole magazine on the Saturnian’s, dropping at least 12. The shock trooper force was drawing fire as well. Flashes of color erupted around the fighters while they exchanged fire on the narrow stairwell. “Fall back! Get a little space between us, and these bogeys.”

The Americans fell back. Dave saw one trooper roll a grenade in the enemy’s direction, the little bomb stopped at the feet of a Kalian. The Alien shouted, then turned to run, the grenade exploded, sending bits of Kalian and metal everywhere.

“Yuck, fried Kalian.”
Dave though to himself, he targeted another Urgant and disabled him. Then a strange new species of alien that seemed more able than the other breeds, charged the humans.

It dodged bullets from the humans, and got in close. It slashed a human across the face with its sword,

The soldier screamed he fell back clutching at his visor. A medic ran up and tended to him. Dave meanwhile took aim, and shot the strange alien in the face. The alien fell trying to stop the flow of purple blood that flowed from its eye.

Dave shot again the Alien moved no more. Dave looked it over, it was about as tall as a man, and it also had a strange spiky fringe along the top of its head. The thing looked like it had a man shaped body as well,

“That’s probably why it moved as well as a human.” Dave thought.

He bent down and picked up the alien’s energy sword, Dave decided he would take it, as a reminder he had killed the first of a new breed of Saturnian alien. He swung it around,

“Very light, good for speed attacking.”

Dave dropped his Sacoya and took out his Salvo X11 semi-automatic pistol, so he could fight with two hands. The battle was fierce now, and the Saturnian’s were still coming.

10 minutes later the Americans found themselves charging up the body littered staircase. They tried to ignore the puddles of alien blood as they advanced up to the main alien holdout point. The troopers opened a door and found that they had been fighting in an old parking facility. There were still cars and trucks still in their spaces, but most had been thrust aside to make room for H.A.T.’s and Slayers. Dave walked through the door and headed for a H.A.T. He climbed into it; the tank was pretty roomy for Kalians drove this type so they had to have elbowroom. Dave also saw other lighter vehicles that sort of looked like Sprinters, without the wheels and with more pilot covering. He looked at the identification plate; it read “Hovering-Assault-Speeder.” Dave got into the pilots seat and started the engine, it lifted a foot off the ground, “Hmm, it handles well.” Dave thought.

Though he had trouble figuring out the controls, because the Saturnian’s don’t use steering wheels or joysticks. They use a type of wheel that is stuck to the side of the driver, so if the driver rotates the left wheel the machine turns right, and vice-versa.

Dave turned the H.A.S. towards a door. Jake jumped into the gunner’s seat and squeezed the triggers. The door had a hole large enough for an Urgant to climb through. And Urgants were climbing through the hole. Jake shot again, five Urgants were blown away, and two others were slammed against the wall.

The American force had found the mechanism to open the door, and one soldier punched a button. The door disappeared by sliding into the wall. The troopers saw their mistake. They had opened a door leading to an Urgant living quarters, and all the Urgants were looking at them in surprise. The Urgants had been about to climb through the hole to fight the American shock troopers. An American shot an Urgant, and the Urgants shot back.

Dave saw an American fall to the enemy, and told his men to take cover.

The troopers obeyed immediately without complaint. Another Urgant fell, clutching at its throat. An American had dispatched the leader Urgant a while ago, and that had made the enemy angry. Dave charged the Urgants with his H.A.S. he had become quite used to it now that he could drive without much trouble.

Jake was shooting down Urgants with ease, Jake charged up the cannon for a pulverizing blast to eliminate the enemy in the sector. The Americans saw the charging gun and took cover, the Urgants ran as well. But too no avail.

The Americans finished off the last of the Urgants and moved into another part of the building. The next room was another entrance to the garage. They ran into some Kalians and dealt with them. The garage floor in the next few minutes was littered with bodies of both sides, aliens mostly. Dave had killed another of the new species of alien, and had found out what they where called,

“Paroxian? That’s a mouthful.”

Dave said, kicking the dead Saturnian away. He turned to the thirty men he had left,

“Well, we’ve had quite an adventure with these, er… bad guys. And lost quite a few men. “
Dave and the rest of his soldiers bowed their heads at those words. Dave sighed and continued,

“We are almost at our destination and we must finish this mission successfully. So let’s find a safe place to lay our dead for now until we can give them proper burials, and kick some alien rears!”

Dave’s men cheered, then got to the business of covering the fallen and moved on.

The alien Head central room was in sight and Dave’s men were reloading their weapons. One soldier was prepping a rocket launcher. Dave walked over,

“What your name laddie?”
The soldier Dave recognized as the Private who had opened the door to the barracks for him yesterday,

“ Private Weldon Ethelburn Sir, I signed up for the military six months ago.”

“So you like that rocket launcher?”

Weldon nodded,
“I do indeed Sir, it is my weapon of choice. Do you have a weapon you like Sir?”

Dave took out the alien energy blade and showed to Weldon,
“This is.”
Ethelburn screwed up his face, “Isn’t that the sword that got Ferrell?”

Dave turned pale, “The man that the Paroxian got was Scratch?!?”

Weldon nodded again, “It was Dick, Scratch or whatever you call him. But Ronald Hill, uh, the medic says he’s going to be all right.”

Dave sighed with relief. He looked at his watch, “It’s almost time to initiate our attack plan. Good luck Weldon.”

“Good luck Sir.”

Dave waved him off,

“No more sir, call me Dave.’

“Yes Sir, I-I mean, Dave?”

“Yes Dave. No sir, just Dave.”

Chapter 9 Alien HQ elimination

Dave crept towards the door of the alien HQ in New York. It was a tense moment for the thirty men assembled there. The door was within Dave’s reach now. He grasped the doorknob and pulled. Dave darted into the room. There were no shouts or gunfire all was silent. The troopers walked in warily. Dave sniffed,

“I smell alien, though it’s stronger than usual…” Dave saw a trail of purple blood. He followed the trail, which in fact lead to a dead Kalian. Dave inspected the body,

“This Kalian was hit by one of us. And he dragged himself up the stairs to the HQ central to warn his superiors. But he died after he delivered his message.”

The other soldiers looked puzzled. Then Jake spoke, “Er… Cap’n, how do you know that?”

“Well, I saw that he had been hit by a bullet ‘cause he has one in him. And I saw blood going up the stairs, which connected to this trail. And he’s still warm, so he died a few moments ago.”

“But how do you know that he even had superiors?”

“Look, some alien stepped into this Kalians blood by mistake and it’s left footprints everywhere. And I bet the big boss in charge here left as soon as he could.”

A growl suddenly broke the American’s train of thought.

“What was that?” a soldier whispered in a panicked voice.

Another growl was heard. “I dunno, maybe it wa-“

A snarl came from behind the Americans.
Dave shouted commands, “Alright form into a circle and keep your eyes open.”

The men complied. It was Weldon who saw the first Paradoxian, “THERE!”

The alien charged, sword in hand. It fell to a pistol shot from Dave. Another Paraoxian set up an automatic cannon and started shooting at the Americans. The humans scrambled for cover and returned fire. The humans found that they had more men and pressed their advantage. The Paroxians fought to the death. Their number 1 rule was “Kill or be killed” And all of them did fight until they were slain.

Dace saw he had lost two men to the cannon. He stationed two men to cover them up while the rest raced after the fleeing Saturnain commanders.

Dave and his men found an alien drop-ship awaiting the commanders. One of the aliens boarding pulled out a pistol he was dropped by Jake. The other aliens clumsily ran up the ramp and into the ship. The Americans shot the gunners in the ship’s turrets before they could shoot the Americans.
The enemy ship seeing that they couldn’t return the humans fire turned and fled. “TAKE IT DOWN!” Dave shouted. He heard a small explosive noise behind him and saw a rocket barreling towards the drop-ship. An explosion rocked the alien vessel and it sailed downwards to the ground. “A promotion for Weldon I think.” Dave said reaching for his promotion pad,

“Heck! Where’s my notebook?”

Chapter 10 Trouble in D.C.

Dave and his men were heroes by the end of the day; they all were greeted with pats-on-the-back and playful punches.

Dave finally got away from the excitement and spent a few hours in his office just sitting in his easy chair (The expensive leather one) and sipping some more costly coffee. He looked out the window and spotted Rob, Jake, Weldon, and Scratch coming up the entrance of his office building. Dave got up from his chair, walked to the door and opened it.

Rob came in first, “Howdy Cap’n, I have some tiring news.”

Dave took down four more mugs from the shelf and poured coffee into them. Then he took a good look at Scratch. He now had a thick scar marked diagonally across the center of his face. Scratch took off his hat and straightened his Mohawk.

“Good-ay Cap. How’s life in your office?”
“It’s okay, here, have a seat and some coffee it’ll warm you up. So your news Rob?”

Rob settled down in a chair, sipped his coffee and told his piece,

“The capital has been attacked.”
“Excuse me, did you just say that Washington D.C. is under attack by aliens?”
“Aye that I did.”

Dave was startled by the news and had to pour himself another cup of coffee before being able to talk again,
“That is not good news. I guess that we are the ones being sent to deal with it?”

“Er… um, yes. We are.”

Dave rolled his eyes, “Well at least that means were good.”

Everyone laughed. Rob replied, “Oh just to tell you were leaving in half an hour.”

“WHAT?!?” Dave jumped up and spilled his coffee all over the floor.

Dave looked out the drop-ship’s window; it was snowing again. The flakes and ice that were stuck to the glass made it look like the window was shattered.

Dave was cleaning his energy sword he got off the first Paroxian killed.
“Ten minutes till Falcon boarding routine. Repeat, ten minutes till Falcon boarding routine.”
Came over the ship’s intercom. Dave got up and grabbed his newly modified Sacoya A15.5 sub. Machine gun, which had a flashlight stuck to the side.
Also a grenade launcher mounted on the bottom. And to top it off Dave had purchased extra magazines and converted them to hold ten more rounds than the ordinary clips.

He met up with the one-hundred-and-forty men under his command. He inspected them accordingly. He saw Rob slouch a little on purpose. Dave ignored him and walked by with a pretend stern expression on his face.

His company boarded the Falcon strike ships and prepared for launch. The engines of the Falcons made a steady hum while awaiting Dave’s signal to take off.

Dave waved his hand and the ships flew off into the snowstorm.

Dave looked down on the scorched grounds of Washington D.C. It was a sorry sight to see, the trees had been blown to splinters the ground was still on fire in some places and there were bodies everywhere.
He could see dead aliens sprawled on top of broken H.A.T.s and other machines. Dave saw fallen American soldiers as well. Defending to the end the land of their Fore Fathers.

Dave saw the target zone was near and moved to the edge of the Falcon. Then the flak started. Alien gunners were shooting at the incoming American ships.

Dave saw a Falcon go down its passengers jumping out and igniting their jetpacks to slow their fall.
Dave decided to jump out of the Falcon he was in before it got hit. Dave felt the wind through his suit as he fell through the enemy fire to the ground below.

Dave turned his jetpack on and his feet touched earth a few seconds later. Dave immediately darted behind a rock and shot at a group of Urgants.

The Urgants fell quickly and without sound. Dave saw the other men that were in his Falcon land near to him and start shooting aliens. Dave didn’t see the Paroxian that was sneaking up behind him energy sword in hand.

The Paroxian saw his prey was busy killing lowly Urgants.

“Pity, though they weren’t much use any way. So close to my prey, I hope they don’t die to quickly so the human turns around in time to raise that gun of his.”

The Paroxian raised his sword, “Too easy.”

Then one of the puny humans saw him,

“Blast him, my cover is blown. I will just have to kill my target quickly.”

The sword went down and the human cried in pain and turned around. The Paroxian swung upwards, the human’s arm fell to the ground blood flowed freely from the wound. The human fell unconscious.

The Paroxian then saw the other human shout out and point its gun at him,

“Too late to hide,”

That was the last thing the Paroxian knew.

Jake holstered his pistol and ran over to Dave’s limp form, “Captain! Can you hear me? Please wake up!”

Jake shook Dave, nothing happened. Jake tore off Dave’s helmet and felt for a pulse. He found one but it was faint.
Jake got up and dragged Dave towards the makeshift medic station.

Chapter 11 Flesh and bone, gears and steel

Dave opened his eyes; every thing was blurry. He tried to push himself up with his right arm. Nothing happened. He looked where his arm should’ve been. But all there was empty space.

Dave cried out in surprise. Someone came running into the room, “He’s awake! Thank God! Doctor, He’s awake!”

Then another voice overpowered the other, “Hold still Sir, I’m attaching this to your shoulder.”
Dave felt a cold something touch his arm. Then another warmer thing was massaging his shoulder. Dave tried getting up again, this time it worked.
Dave looked at the thing that was replacing his arm. It was a robotical arm. Dave marveled at the steel replacement for the real thing. He flexed his fingers. The fake replicas responded.

Dave got up and walked out the door thanking the doctor and his helper.

Dave picked up his gun, which had been left where he fell. It felt weird that he couldn’t feel the cool arc of the trigger against his hand.
He felt something touch his good shoulder. He whipped around thinking that another Paroxian was behind him.
It was Jake,

“Hey Captain, you look better. Did the medics sew your arm back on?”

Dave brought his mechanical arm up to Jake’s face.

“No. They made me a new one. It was the first that was ever made.”

“Tha-that’s great Captain. So you are going to fight with us now?”

Dave took his energy sword off his back, “Let’s finish these creeps for good.”

He ran off towards the enemy lines.

Jake caught up with him a few minutes later. Dave was sneaking up behind some Paroxians, two in all knife and energy sword in hand. The aliens had no idea that an angry American was about to stab them both.

One Paroxian suddenly went ridged and slumped to the ground. His companion raised his sword but never got to strike. For Dave slipped under his guard and struck upwards with his steel arm. The Paroxian reeled back clutching its jaw. Dave leapt on the alien and finished it with a good sword blow. Dave cleaned his sword on the ground and darted towards a H.A.T. The pilot saw him coming and closed the gunner’s hatch.

Dave climbed up the front of the tank and looked at the hatch. It was locked. Dave swung his fist angrily at the lock. It broke in two. He smiled triumphantly and opened the hatch. He climbed into the tank. Jake saw the two Paroxians who had been driving thrown out of the vehicle.

He saw Dave at the controls. Jake got into the gunner’s seat and closed the hatch the best he could.

The H.A.T. under the command of Dave and Jake turned against it’s own troops, wreaking havoc left, right and center. It took the aliens a few seconds to realize that the H.A.T. was not on their side. Then they shot at it with all they had.

Dave noticed that the H.A.T.’s handling had gone down a great deal. He decided that it was time to get out of the tank.

Dave punched out the protective glass that protected the driver, and jumped out into the crisp snowy air. Jake exited the vehicle at the same time.

The H.A.T. exploded a moment later. Jake and Dave rushed a Kalian turret and slew the gunner. Then a party of fierce looking Urgants charged the two men.

Dave drew his dual pistols and started to gun down the enemy. The Urgants did not stop their attack but pressed forward. Dave took cover behind the turret and punched an attack code into his comlink.

Minutes later a Falcon roared overhead and unleashed leaden fury on the Urgants. It took two runs. And on the second it landed and unattached a Sprinter from its undercarriage. Two other humans jumped out of the Falcon and it took off.

Dave saw Rob in the driver’s seat of the Sprinter and Weldon in the gunner’s. Rob waved and got out of the machine,

“Hello Cappy! How ar-…”

Rob looked at Dave’s robotic arm,

“It’s along story.”
“Oh, ahem, alright I’d like tae introduce ye’ to my buds here. This here is Will Rovon. Err…’e had a lot of growth spurts.”

Dave looked at the man; Dave sized him at seven ft. at least. He carried an Urgant force pike in his hand.

“Nice to meet you Will,”

Dave extended his mechanical arm in greeting. The large man took it.

“Nice to meet you to Captain.”

“And this is Julius McArthy.”

Dave saw he had muscles the size of Nebraska. Julius looked capable of tearing an alien to bits and he wielded a modified SOG.X5 sniper rifle.

Dave shook Julius’ hand as well.

“Good to meet you Captain. I am very pleased to make your acquaintance.”

Dave nodded and returned, “We should take out the other Kalian cannons before they blast us to a million pieces.”

From now on the story will be here.

Great minds think alike, average minds experience coincidences.

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