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 Post subject: Color Sponsorship
PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2012 12:48 pm 
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The BrickForge Color Sponsorship program is available for people who want to see BrickForge items in not-yet-available or obsolete colors.


BrickForge prides itself in bringing the community dozens of accessories in an array of vibrant colors. Due to the sheer size of our inventory there will likely be parts in some colors that are intentionally skipped over, limited edition or even discontinued. Because we are committed to helping acolytes of the brick maintain creativity and consistency in their MOCs we offer a customer-driven sponsorship program.

All of our products are batched into smaller segments called sprues. A typical sprue will contain up to 12 products based on size and complexity. A 242 ton injection molding machine delivers molten ABS into the sprue causing all the products on that particular sprue to take shape. The pieces are then cooled, ejected, and separated for sorting. Typically all items on a sprue are run simultaneously; although there are shut-off gates to each piece. Thus, when considering sponsorship understand that all products* sharing the same sprue will be made as well.

Sponsorship consists of a $125 (min)** pre-order plus a $25 color-mixing fee ($45 for trans and other non-standard colors). You may pre-order any combination of items from that sprue as long as they add up to $125 (min)**. As a gesture of appreciation we will offer to add your name, forum ID or internet handle on each sponsored product so the community can applaud you personally. Sponsors will also be charged USPS Priority shipping (delivery confirmation included). Production takes between 3-6 weeks. Payments accepted via PayPal or Money Order.

Q: Which items should I consider sponsoring?
A: Items in colors not currently offered
A: Items specifically marked “Limited Edition”
A: Items that have been discontinued

Q: What about items that are Temporarily Out-of-Stock?
A: Popular items that comprise our staple product base are restocked regularly

Q: What if BF already plans on running the item I want to sponsor in the color I want?
A: We do not, and will not share our inventory schedule publicly so there really is no way of knowing. Serious inquires should contact us to acquire details. Casual requests should be made on the BrickForge forum.

*Residual inventory becomes the sole property of BrickForge, who reserves the right to distribute in any manner seen fit.
**Discounts are not applicable to sponsored products.

For a comprehensive mold breakdown, see this topic:

currently known molds:

2001- RedBean releases the first mold consisting of 8 weapons
Mold 1: Battle Axe, Dragon Sword, Elven Blade, Elven Spear, Hero Sword, Longbow, Military Sword, Warhammer

2003 - RedBean releases the second and third mold consisting of 4 helmets, 1 suit of armor, 2 beards, shield and other accessories
Mold 2: Battle Armor, Battle Helmet, Elven Helmet, Hoplite Helmet, Viking Helmet
Mold 3: Dwarf Beard, Sage Beard, Round (Battle) Shield, Javelin, Round Pauldron, Officer Plume

2005 - Armothe and RedBean partner up, collaborate on new accessories and are involved with the Minifig Customization Network.

2006 - Mold 4 & 5 are released featuring 11 new items.
Mold 4: Hero Hair, Great Helm, Neck Armor, Savage Mask
Mold 5: Falcata, Knight Shield, Military Helmet, Military Rifle, Vambraces, Wizard Staff, Round Pauldron (revisited)

2007 - BrickForge took it to the next level by releasing LEGO-like animals which utilized screen-printing technology.
Mold 6: Cow, Pig, Sheep, Udder, Horns

2008 - Thanks to the help of community favorite: Mark Sandlin the Forge pounded out another whopping 18 new items.
Mold 7: MegaGun, Powered Assault Commando Helmet, Powered Assault Commando Armor, Turban
Mold 8: Legionary Helmet, Centurion Helmet, Dwarven Helmet, Gladiator Helmet, Arabian Helmet
Mold 9: Gladius, Khopesh, Spiked Mace, Pilum, Trident, Military Shield, Gladiator Mask, Segmented Pauldron, Commander Crest, Visor

2009 - This monumental year saw the release of 36 new items including the ever-popular scooter designed by fan-favorite: Arealight as well as our innovative soft-plastic accessories.
Mold 10: Particle Pack, Particle Gun, Crowbar, Plasma Pistol, Microphone, Goblin Sword, Goblin Shield, Tribal Spear, Tribal Sword, Sorcerer Staff, Nightstick
Decal Project #1: Torso/Shield Decals, Roman Army Builder Decals
Mold 11: Mushroom, Beret, Scooter
Mold 12: Scourge, Pauldron, Bandolier, Gunbelt, Waist Armor, Headlamp, Goggles, Reins, Ribbed Tire, Zip Tire, Utility Belt
Mold 13: Power Sword, Sickle, Saw, Sovereign Sword, Phaser, Wizard Sword, Golf Club, Hook Sword, Sai, Raider Blade, Rogue Dagger, Cleaver

2010 - Another stellar year and growth brought forth a wider array of BF offerings, including a joint project with LifeLites for a total of 30 accessories.
Mold 14: Soldier Helmet, Brass Knuckles, Bayonet, Shovel, Canteen, Hatchet, Cutlass, Coilgun, Battle Rifle, Grease Gun, Arched Pauldrons
Mold 15: Backpack, Ammo Pouches, Musket, Flintlock Pistol, Tomahawk, Ranger Hat, Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Shepherd Crook, Recurve Bow, Centaur
Mold 17: Electric Guitar, Drumsticks, Maverick Hair, Mohawk, Ponytail, Double Plume, Lamppost
Mold 16: TBD

ChocoBricks Customs
Rebuilding the Fantasy one brick at a time

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