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 Post subject: Undead Assault Vehicle, Monster Fighters Mod.
PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:19 pm 
Mould Mason
Mould Mason
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From the moment I first saw the blurry preliminary pics of the Monster Fighters theme and the Vampyre Hearse set, I knew that I just had to have it. When I got the set about two months ago, I was generally pleased with it, but a few things bothered me:

First of all, the driver's compartment was kinda on the flimsy side (with a gaping hole between the driver's seat and the engine compartment), and the sides were wide open. Furthermore, there wasn't any real room in the back, thanks to Lord Vampyre's coffin and the play feature for launching Lord Vampyre and an open wheel base. In addition, there wasn't any kind of proper door on the back, and finally, I didn't like how the exhaust pipes were kind of free-floating.

I bought the set with the intention of turning it into the Tomb Kings' (undead faction on the West coast in my post-apocalyptic setting) equivalent of a Humvee/Buffalo, so I set to work, and after a couple hours of modification, here's what I came up with:

Undead Assault Vehicle, Left Side by Hikaro Takayama, on Flickr

Introducing the M-2105 "Grim Reaper" class Undead Assault Vehicle. Armed with a 50-caliber machine gun and equipped with armor-plast windows and 1/2" unobtainium armor plating, this wicked ride gets the undead hordes to battle with style.

UAV Front800px by Hikaro Takayama, on Flickr

In this front-view picture (a.k.a. what you DON'T want to see coming towards you), the Soul Stone power source is clearly visible. While scientists initially thought the Soul Stones were a variety of the Warpstone used as power sources by the Hordes of Chaos and to a limited extent by the Grand Duchy of New York, it turns out that the Soul Stones are completely different. Whereas Warpstone is the solidified essence of demonic Chaos energy, Soul Stones are ordinary crystals imbued with Necromantic spells and function by tapping into the universal force of entropy, causing decay to increase around them, thus doubling as a low-level weapon as well as a power source.

Undead Assault Vehicle Right Side by Hikaro Takayama, on Flickr

On this side view, you can see part of the ghoulish assault squad through the large armor-plast windows as well as the Yuan-Ti gunner in the turret. The Yuan-Ti are an evil race of snake-people (as opposed to the Naga, a good race of snake-people) who practice Necromancy and other dark magic, making them natural allies of the Tomb Kings. They tend to hold various specialist/technical ranks in the undead armies, due to the fact that unlike most troops (except Vampires and Liches), they actually have a functioning brain (which would pose a problem with the zombie troops, except for the fact that zombies only eat humanoid brains).

Undead Assault Vehicle Rear by Hikaro Takayama, on Flickr

Nice shot of the back, showing the armored door that also functions as the exit ramp when it is opened.

Undead Assault Vehicle, Interior by Hikaro Takayama, on Flickr

Interior view of both the driver's compartment and the troop compartment. The troop compartment has room for 5 undead troops (including a Yuan-Ti squad leader), and a Zombie driver up front along with a Vampire officer. The ramp is also in troop deployment mode in this picture as well.

Well, I hope you had as much fun looking at the pics as I did building and modding this set. :)

The above post is Copyleft 2012, Hikaro/Laura Takayama, all wrongs reserved.
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 Post subject: Re: Undead Assault Vehicle, Monster Fighters Mod.
PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:40 pm 
Chief Smithy
Chief Smithy
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Great ride!
You did a great job with this ... creepy, but great :o)

... being customized ... by the Master ... ><>
minfig art!

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