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If you registered for BrickMagic you got wind that you’d be receiving a special ‘surprise’ BrickForge pack in your goodie bag. We are excited to announce the first of many ‘2012 Doomsday’ packs that will be given away at the various LEGO fan shows across the country this year. BrickMagic received 175 limited edition ‘BUGOUT’ kits and an authorized BrickForge vendor will be selling extras at the show so attendees can get their hands on some as well.

The BUGOUT kit features BF accessories in non-standard colors making them a bit more collectible: Survival Pack, Compass, Flashlight, Walkie Talkie, Survival Knife, Glowstick & MRE

We will be announcing the second Doomsday Pack – made for specifically for BrickWorld – in a few days. Likewise, those attending BrickFair & BrickCon can expect other Doomsday packs to be given away as well.

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