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I’m not sure how widespread this is but it appears PayPal has been having server issues the past two days. Since BrickForge relies on the PayPal gateway to accept both PP and Credit Card Payments customers may receive time-out errors during checkout.

We just completed a 3-pronged web upgrade that included a restructure of the front page you see here, the shop and the forum. There are still a few small things to address but the bulk of the process is completed.

Many of you will recognize this page as simply a WordPress blog. This will help us deliver news more efficiently to you the customer. The Login you see to the left is for the WordPress system only. Your Shop or Forum log in will not work here! If you want to post comments here you will need to create an account separate from your Shop or Forum account/s.

To purchase BrickForge you will need to click on the Shop menu item up top. From there you will be able to log into your account and buy all the goodies you need want.

Those visiting over the next few hours may wonder what is going on. No worries. We are undertaking a much needed, multi-faceted site upgrade. With over 8 million hits a month our website has been running beyond capacity for the past few weeks. The front page – which you see now is being converted to a more reader-friendly format and the store and forums will all have a new home. Please bear with us over the next day as we finish breathing new life into our website.

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