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Okay, so as you know BF wasn’t invited to be at BrickCon this year (boo hoo). Oh well….that gives us time to better prepare for the upcoming Alien Invasion (& other disasters) scheduled for 2012.
We recreated our own invasion scene in the front window and felt compelled to bring in some new blood to help our planet survive. Although these will be for sale on our website in the near future, we felt we’d give those waiting in line at BrickCon this Saturday a sneak peek. We will be randomly tagging the line throughout the day and handing out a few different packs. Will you be a Pilot? Infantry? Officer? Or perhaps end up with some used equipment? They will be given out at random to those in line and we will have limited quantities with us. We politely ask that you refrain from acting like a stooge by pestering our crew. Thanks; and hope to see you in Seattle this weekend! just added four new & exciting figs to the shop:  Introducing Ms. Kitty, Sarge, Eranion, and SWAT officer. Each features custom designed decals by Shmails and various parts from BrickForge – including some new screen printed designs!

Shmails once again offers up his creative noodle to come up with some astonishing figs.  Wave 2 introduces a new color from BrickForge –  Army Green; and features professionally screen printed designs as seen on the Medic Helmet,  Police Helmet, Backpack & Riot Shield. Seriously, you need to snatch these up while you can cuz when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Most of you are already familiar with the toy emporium juggernaut, FireStar Toys. BrickForge is pleased to announce them as our official distributor in Europe; allowing them to use the BrickForge name and logo. We realize that international shipping takes longer, which is why FireStar is lending us a hand to establish faster and more reliable delivery. Be sure to visit them today and check out the selection!

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