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Although Armothe & others will be in attendance, BrickForge was not invited to participate this year. While we are a bit sad our fans won’t be able to pickup some BF goodies this year we are still excited to participate as attendees. Needless to say, we will be there instead of here; which means we will not be packing orders Thurs-Sun. Normal operations will resume on Monday, Oct. 3.

While vending at Brickworld, Chicago last week we had a special visitor stop by and give us a thumbs up approval.
Thanks to everyone who stopped by – it was great to see some new faces and bring the joy of BrickForge to the masses.

Hey all. BrickWorld, Chicago is upon us and once again BrickForge will be there selling some cool stuff. This means we won’t be at Headquarters packing orders. Orders placed after 1:00 PM EST on Wed. June 15 will be packed beginning again on Monday, June 20.

Those of you registered for the event will find a token of our appreciation in the bottom of your goodie bag. We were experimenting with various screen printing techniques and decided to donate a Scout Hat – along with some other survival gear. If you are interested in extras – visit our booth, supplies are limited. We’ll see ya there!

Registrants (exhibitors) of BrickMagic will receive a set of our limited edition smart phone and tablet computer. These were made exclusively for BrickMagic and will NOT be available for sale on our website. Register for the event NOW (May 5-8) or bribe a friend to get you one.

If you like comics, toys and collectibles swing into Steel City Con this weekend – March 4,5,6. We’ll be there selling some of our cool minifig & brick accessories. If that doesn’t do it for you, well -hey, the Soup Nazi will be there.

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