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Many of you were introduced to BrickForge through the myriad of MOC-building and minifig-creating contests circling the web over the past few years. In addition to our own forum-based competitions we’ve sponsored over 100 independent contests and given away thousands of items. We currently do not sponsor independent Flickr contests.

In 2011 we encouraged BrickForge fans who used Flickr to simply tag their photos and add them to the BrickForge Group Pool to be automatically entered into our weekly Flickr drawing for a chance to win a $15.00 gift certificate to our website. Our Smithies also organized a few forum-hosted competitions to provide customizers additional chances of winning BrickForge SWAG.

This year we are doing things a bit different. For starters, our weekly Flickr prize drawing will be limited to a $5.00 gift certificate. This will allow us to concentrate more prize money to our forum-based contests. Instead of a mish-mash of challenges we are scheduling two separate contests for the Spring and Fall seasons. This gives our Smithys and other officers plenty of time to prepare and get the word out to more people. It will also allow us to work around other popular website contests we currently sponsor. Prizes will be listed at the commencement of each contest. To read more about our incredible contests, please visit the contest page and keep and monitor the Tournament Ring section of the forum.

Shmails just announced the “Greatest Movie Villain” Contest – one you absolutely do NOT want to miss. Build a custom Minifig of your favorite movie villain. This character can be from any genre, theme, or period in the history of movies. Include a short description of the villain, the movie they appeared in, and why they stand out to you as the greatest of all time. Check out the Rules & Guidelines.

Prizes? Let us wow you with some one-of-a-kind concept characters from the big guys themselves. They showcase some mysterious elements..hrmm…..

Interested in having your BF custom appear on our front page? What about a chance to win a $15.00 prize each time you do? Enter our weekly Flickr giveaway by visiting the BrickForge Group Pool then reading the contest guidelines. If you still have questions, discuss on our forum and be sure to check out the awesome entries at the bottom-right of our homepage.

Although you’ve had all summer to construct that old-world MOC for the BrickCon 2010 Castle Layout we teamed up with Josh over at Classic-Castle to provide some last-minute incentive. Anyone contributing an eligible piece for the Castle Layout at this year’s BrickCon will receive one of these shiny BrickForge Paladin Packs. We can only give out 40 so it’s first-come, first-served. Be sure to read this post: then get in touch with Josh as soon as possible.

Five different Paladin Packs feature the Elf, Viking, Knight, Warrior and Spartan. Each pack features a never-seen-before Gold Chrome Helmet and comes with an assortment of (Pearl) Gold and White accessories. It’s our way of saying ‘bless you’ for your noble and virtuous efforts towards making this year’s Castle display even more special. Josh and the other Castle coordinators will be in charge of handing these out. Of course you’ll be able to swing on over to the BrickForge booth and pick up some extra goodies for the show. See ya there!

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