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Kyle Peterson, co-founder and owner of BrickForge, was recently appointed to the Springfield-Clark Career Technology Center CAD advisory board. High School students from all over Clark County attend SCCTC to acquire specific skills and expand their post-graduate opportunities. Eric Barge, head of the CAD program is busy putting his expertise at work training the next generation of model-builders – from architects to engineers.

“In addition to brainstorming on CAD projects, Mr. Barge and I also focus on preparing students for their first interview and how to cope in an office/team environment. Some exercises include drafting and submitting professionally-written resumes as well as presenting market-ready products in 3D form. BrickForge also has the opportunity to help assess and calibrate the school’s rapid prototyping machine by comparing accuracies between compiled resin prototypes and the actual final plastic-injected product/s.”

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