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New Doomsday Pack Drifts into BrickFair

By now the registered attendees at BrickFair, Virginia have discovered a nifty gift in their registration bags. Behold! The Wastseland Drifter! Comes with 9 accessories. Resellers will have some on-hand available for sale. Please also visit their websites/stores if you are unable to make the event.

Zombie Apocalypse at BrickExpo, Brickfête

VIP attendees at both BrickExpo and Brickfête will receive the latest 2012 Doomsday Kit from BrickForge – Zombie Defense! Enjoy!

Hark! Brickworld Approacheth

Just a friendly reminder to those planning on heading out to Brickworld this week. BrickForge is lucky to count five resellers among the mix of vendors this year:

Cincinnati Bricks
Build-it BrickWorks
Milton Trainworks
Shatterpoint Entertainment

Each vendor has a unique assortment of BrickForge Character Packs and Accessory Kits. Be sure to swing by them all to find the packs you need. A few vendors will have the elusive 2012 Doomsday Fallout Kit and possible some of the other limited editions.

BrickForge Supports First LEGO League – Psyclones

This year we are cheering on the Psyclones! The Psyclones are a First LEGO League (FLL) located in Beavercreek, Ohio.

First LEGO League is a robotics program geared towards boys and girls 9-16  years old designed to get kids excited about science and technology. Teams are composed of up to ten children with one adult coach, the goal being to program autonomous robots (using the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robot set to score ponits on a thematic playing surface, create an innovative solution to a problem as part of their project, all while guided by the FLL Core Values. These three elements – the Robot Game, Project, and FLL Core Values – make up what we call our yearly Challenge.

Like any other organized “sport”, teams also fundraise, create a team identity, and go on field trips. Some teams choose to attend an official FLL tournament, which is hosted by one of our Operational Partners. Operational Partners volunteer to run the FLL program in their region or country and are associated with other like-minded organizations to the FIRST mission. Read more about the Psyclones here. FLL information can be found here.

Lab Equipment & More Now Available

So yeah, you’ve been asking for all the elements in a variety of other TRANS colors and we just got done listing all of them (what a marathon!). In order of release:

FLASK – 10:26
POTION BOTTLE – 10:26  (WOOT for BrickGamers)
TEST TUBE – 10:25
LENS PIECE – 10:25
PULSE RAY – 10:20
GEMSTONE – 10:20

The easiest way to view all the new products is by category in our shop, or check’em out in Flickr.

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