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Thank you to all of our generous backers for helping us reach our goal! We still have more than halfway to go and are eager to see who else may join the campaign to help us create this awesome piece. To keep things moving along, and demonstrate our appreciation we are making available another Add-On for purchase. Existing backers can now upgrade their pledge amount by $5.00 and receive a set of Dark Tan Hexibrix Assemblies! Our next stretch goal isn’t that far away at $6,000. We will reveal the next stretch goal Add-On shortly…..
Add On - Dark Tan Hexibrix (unlocked)

Wow! Thanks to our devoted group of traveling companions we are just about there! Only 4% left to go and the Hexibrix will become a reality. Who will be the one brave soul that leads our fellowship around the final corner? Visit our Kickstarter Campaign to find out how!

During this last leg Armothe has been hexting his pal the Angry Dwarfsmith to assemble the Chief Smithy’s at the BrickForge and have them at the ready to cast the fittings needed to decipher the Hexibrix so we can begin mixing the mystical ABS and produce this delightful brick for the many.

In the meantime, one of our crew has taken to drawing what the Hexibrix might be used for. During the past few days we speculate the Hexibrix can most certainly be multiplied to build a nifty framework for display or wargaming. Enjoy this ethereal sketch from Sir Devvan:


BrickForge has been a pioneer of Minifig Accessories for almost 10 yrs! Even though they’ve already created over 200 awesome minifig accessories during their reign –  there are so many more to be made. Some ideas, however; just need a little KICK. BrickForge is inviting you to join their campaign to discover and create the coolest accessories in the realm. With the help of Kickstarter they can give their devoted fans a chance to be a part of the next few projects and travel alongside the design and production process.

Main Image
Our first quest is to locate and forge the mysterious Hexibrix – a unique type of minifig display stand. It appears that it also has other nebulous purposes but we simply don’t know until we complete the quest. If successful other quests will unlock to reveal even more cool accessories. We can assure you the risk is worth the reward. A dozen different rewards are yours to loot IF we make it. Visit our Kickstarter page to stay up-to-date or go directly to the Kickstarter campaign to become a backer and help us make history.

BrickForge is celebrating May the Fourth by giving away a Galactic Expansion pack with every three regular priced Accessory Packs!

Each Galactic Expansion Pack Contains:
Laser Sword Evil Apprentice x2
Laser Sword Space Knight x2
Laser Beam x2
Pulse Ray x2
“Galactic”Gun x1
** Colors for all parts may vary

May the Fourth (2015)

For those that owe, we share your woe – perhaps a 50% off sale will ease your suffering? For those that are fortunate to obtain a refund this year…get a head start on your spending frenzy with this awesome sale! 48hrs only!

Tax Day Sale 2015
*Discounted price will be shown in your shopping cart
*Offer excludes Accessory Packs, Blind Bags, and “30 Under $.30” items
*Discounted accessories are not subject to any further discounts, including tiered   discounts, reseller/wholesale discounts, and “30 Under $.30” accessories
*Offer valid April 15, 2015 at 12:00 am EST through April 16, 2015 at 11:59 pm EST
*Supplies limited (no rain-checks)
*Brickforge reserves the right to make substitutions in the event an item is oversold *Discount not valid on previous purchases
*No returns
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