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Due to the amount of Australian customers not receiving their packages in a timely fashion we are temporarily disabling Australia as a delivery option. Based on our research packages are getting held up in customs and or being delayed by the Australian Post. Unfortunately, since BrickForge is located in the United States, there is NOTHING WE CAN DO once a package is received by the customer’s home country. However, we encourage our fans to be proactive by getting in touch with your local or national Postal Agency and/or Customs Office and complain about the poor inbound International service. Once the backlog is cleared out we will again enable service to Australia. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

PS: Australian users please note that while this change is in effect your profile’s ‘country’ field will no longer reflect ‘Australia’ as a valid option. It will probably default to ‘Afghanistan’. You will need to change this back once Australia is reactivated in our system.

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