Additional BUGOUT Images

We’ve received many e-mails asking for a few more pics. Presenting the artwork by Greg Hyland, and the Bugout Kit modeled by a minfig.

4 Responses to “Additional BUGOUT Images”

  • sjosten:

    Is there a way to get these besides going to the event? I can’t go because of family stuff, but I really want the Bugout kit.

  • nathanielbrickfan1231:

    If it wasn’t for a family trip I could have gotten this!

  • admin:

    Hi guys. BrickForge resellers across the country may have some of these available at other shows. Or perhaps they’ll have them for sale on their websites. A list of all BF resellers is forthcoming.

  • FlamingDiamond:

    This is aWsoMe and what is a mre

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