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About BrickForge

For over a decade the souls at BrickForge™ have been transforming miniature figures into legendary heroes by supplying the most exquisite & versatile of small-scale equipment & accessories. Their range of accouterments spans many themes: History, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern Combat; and encompasses popular gear such as helmets, body armor, bladed weaponry, firearms & even animals & scooters. Their innovative RiGGED system allows parts to couple together using a series of micro-connection points, creating colorful assemblies & expanding customizing possibilities.

"For a long time the building experience has been the focus of creativity; but an increasing number of people are realizing their inner child through the role-play of the tiny figures included in those sets. The mission of BrickForge is to fill in the gaps left open by other brick-based construction set companies." - Armothe

A pioneer in both the minifig customizing hobby & industry BrickForge™ specializes in creating unique elements & accessories to dress up your custom minifigs or enhance your miniature construction world. BrickForge accessories & components feature standard connection points and are compatible with several mini action figures brands.

Hailing from Yellow Springs, Ohio the BrickForge team is convinced those tiny plastic people will someday take over the world; which is why they are so passionate about creating small-scale accessories for them to interact with. Inspiration is drawn from the natural world, movies, video games & what may be absent from existing building block systems.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and your feedback is invaluable to us. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

-The BF Staff