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Doomsday Approaches BrickMagic

If you registered for BrickMagic you got wind that you’d be receiving a special ‘surprise’ BrickForge pack in your goodie bag. We are excited to announce the first of many ’2012 Doomsday’ packs that will be given away at the various LEGO fan shows across the country this year. BrickMagic received 175 limited edition ‘BUGOUT’ kits and an authorized BrickForge vendor will be selling extras at the show so attendees can get their hands on some as well.

The BUGOUT kit features BF accessories in non-standard colors making them a bit more collectible: Survival Pack, Compass, Flashlight, Walkie Talkie, Survival Knife, Glowstick & MRE

We will be announcing the second Doomsday Pack – made for specifically for BrickWorld – in a few days. Likewise, those attending BrickFair & BrickCon can expect other Doomsday packs to be given away as well.

Dark Gray & Brown up to 75% off

It doesn’t seem that long ago when LEGO caused an upheaval in the community by switching dye colors – leaving most of us sitting on hundreds of Dark Gray and Brown bricks. To help soften the blow BrickForge released many of its items in original Dark Gray and Brown. A few years later, our wounds licked clean, we’ve managed to phase out the old colors from our collections and now BrickForge looks to  clearing out older inventory. Now is your chance to supply your troops on the cheap with such items like the Battle Armor, Viking Helmet and Khopesh. Act now because when these are gone we won’t run another batch.

BrickCon 2010 Castle Layout Promo

Although you’ve had all summer to construct that old-world MOC for the BrickCon 2010 Castle Layout we teamed up with Josh over at Classic-Castle to provide some last-minute incentive. Anyone contributing an eligible piece for the Castle Layout at this year’s BrickCon will receive one of these shiny BrickForge Paladin Packs. We can only give out 40 so it’s first-come, first-served. Be sure to read this post: then get in touch with Josh as soon as possible.

Five different Paladin Packs feature the Elf, Viking, Knight, Warrior and Spartan. Each pack features a never-seen-before Gold Chrome Helmet and comes with an assortment of (Pearl) Gold and White accessories. It’s our way of saying ‘bless you’ for your noble and virtuous efforts towards making this year’s Castle display even more special. Josh and the other Castle coordinators will be in charge of handing these out. Of course you’ll be able to swing on over to the BrickForge booth and pick up some extra goodies for the show. See ya there!

Active Camo Powered Assault Commando

Beginning Feb 2nd orders subtotaling $25 or more will receive an exclusive Trans-Clear Powered Assault Commando Set (Armor, Helmet, Visor). Limit one per order. While supplies last (I will post an announcement when we are out). We will not combine shipping of multiple orders. Jackal, minifig parts or BrickForge logo not included. Happy Hunting!

Three-Day Priority Post-Apoc Presale

The Blue Helmets are coming to help! Troops are pouring into BrickCon to spearhead the post-apoc cleanup – and can’t get there quick enough! For the next 72 hours Medium Blue Military Helmets and Berets are available for purchase to assist with this monumental task. To speed things up a bit any Domestic order containing one of these Medium Blue items will automatically be upgraded to USPS Priority* shipping! Act fast though – victory depends on you…..and after 72 hours we may not see these items for quite some time. Offer runs until Tuesday 11PM EST.

*Shipping upgrade is for domestic orders only and will take place as we fulfill and pack orders. Simply choose USPS First Class and we will pack your order in a USPS Priority envelope. International orders will be shipped

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