Active Camo Packs

A long, long, long time ago we had a promotion featuring Trans Clear Powered Assault Helmet & Armor. Since then we’ve received hundreds of pleas to bring them back. Thanks to forum member Taylor we’ve secured a batch of Active Camo Powered Assault Commandos for your enjoyment. These are limited quantities so don’t wait too long to nab your favorite galactic super soldier.

Be verwee, verwee quiet….its Jackal hunting season….

Rec Wars Packs Available for Purchase

For the past few months you’ve only been able to obtain these through our network of Authorized Resellers. Due to overwhelming feedback we realized that most of these resellers sell only at LEGO fan events or local brick-and-mortar stores; making it impossible for many of our fans to obtain these packs. While our intent is to avoid competing with our resellers we do plan on offering a limited amount of Accessory Packs through the BrickForge website.

Dart Tag (Delta Squad)  Dart Tag (Alpha Squad)

Join the D-Squad

Not anything terribly huge, just wanted to alert fans that 400x copies of the Red Death Squad helmet are now available for purchase. We thought it went really well with the Red Ammo pouches and a customized Flamespitter that Armothe kitbashed using a BrickForge Flask (nudge, nudge).

Dart Tag Accessory Packs

A week or so ago we released a limited number of colorful weapons for sale in our online store. What’s up with these wacky colors you may ask? We really aren’t quite sure, something to do with a color-blind gnome running the machines. Anyways, instead of tossing them aside the Angry Dwarfsmith had a great idea to make Dart Tag kits out of them. As usual, his idea turned out pretty good so we went with it. While you still can get a limited number of the colorful guns through the BrickForge store, the Dart Tag packs themselves are only available through authorized resellers.

Brickworld Indy & Bricks Cascade

I had to mention two awesome LEGO fan events taking place this weekend:

Brickworld Indy (Indianapolis, Indiana) is sort of the little sister of Brickworld Chicago. It is only a public expo so one need only pay the cost of admission to see all of the wonderful MOCs people have been gushing on about the past year. Bricks Cascade is located Portland, Oregon and has both a public expo & fan-specific events. Thanks to our network of loyal resellers we will have both shows completely covered with BrickForge…..well, not literally….that would be neat to see though. Rather, our friends BrickBrigade & BobaKhan Toys will be selling our popular BrickForge Accessory Packs & Bricks Cascade – be sure to check out some of their customs featuring our gear as well! Brickworld Indy will feature a host of BF resellers: Milton Trainworks, Cincinnati Bricks, Build-it Brickworks & Team Hassenplug. Be sure to check all of them out since it is more than likely they will have stocked an entirely different assortment of packs. Also, shout out to Citizen Brick & Eclipse Grafx who use all sorts of BrickForge to enhance their cool customs.

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